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GB Interceptor is an open souce project design by Sebastian Staacks. it support capture or stream Game Boy gameplay footage via USB without modifying the Game Boy.You can connect your Game Boy to your PC and capture/stream gameplay using your original hardware!


GB Interceptor Kit Includes

-GB Interceptor (includes 32pin GameBoy Slot Connector)

-GB Interceptor Shell(3D printing)

*Due to the shell is made by 3D printing, so it would take few days for shipment, thanks so much for your waiting patiently. This product is a DIY product.It will be continuously updated and improved.If you have any questions,please contact us.

Game Boy compatibility

Following Game Boy models have been confirmed to work. Note that this is often based only on short feedback by someone with that device.

  • Nintendo devices
Model Status Note
Game Boy (Original / DMG) ✔️
Game Boy Advance (AGB-001) ✔️
Game Boy Advance SP ✔️
Game Boy Color ✔️
Game Boy Player for GameCube ✔️
Game Boy Pocket ✔️
Super Game Boy ✔️


  • Third party devices


Model Status Note
Analogue Pocket See #2
GB Boy Colour Game runs and Interceptor stays active, but there are heavy graphics glitches


Host software compatibility


  • Linux

It seems like every single software is happy to accept the GB Interceptor. Of course, glitches can be expected in some cases when the software did not expect a 160×144 resolution.

Software Status Note
ffmpeg ✔️
OBS ✔️
VLC ✔️ You might want to reduce VLC’s default 300ms buffer to reduce latency.
Zoom ✔️
  • Windows
Software Status Note
OBS ✔️
VLC Seems to have trouble with the format and throws an error.
Windows Camera ✔️ Interceptor needs at least firmware 1.0.3
Zoom ✔️ Note that Zoom tends to hang if the Interceptor does not react properly. Unplugging and reconnecting can help.
  • MacOS
Software Status Note
Face Time ✔️⚠️ See remark below
OBS ✔️⚠️ See remark below
Photo Booth ✔️⚠️ See remark below
VLC ✔️⚠️ See remark below

Works on MacOS since Interceptor firmware 1.0.1. This has been successfully tested on a MacBook Pro with Intel CPU and Ventura 13.1. Unfortunately, the image is distorted and green on an M2 Macbook Air and I suspect that it is a bug in the driver for Apple CPUs, probably related to the Interceptors NV12 color format as other cameras work. Also see #1

  • Android

USB video class devices are supported when the Android device supports USB OTG (pretty much all devices with USB-C). However, few apps support the video format of the GB Interceptor.

Software Status Note
USB Camera ( ✔️ Note that this app hangs in version 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 of the Interceptor firmware. Fixed in version 1.0.3
USB Camera Viewer ( Reports that the format is not supported.
USB OTG camera, Endoscope app (net.usb.usby) No image
  • iOS

There is no general support for the USB video class on iOS. Maybe Apple will add this in the future.


Game compatibility(here)


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 19 × 10.5 × 3 cm

3D Print, Transparent


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